Explore Colombo’s unique cultural blend of old and new from Hilton Colombo Residences. Discover the city’s unique blend of new and old at the bazaar district of Pettah or the trendier shopping malls located 10 minutes from the hotel.

Conference floor Plan - Day Three

The following blue print of Hilton Colombo Residence, Colombo gives a birds view of how the venue will be arranged on the final day of conference. For your reference you may Download a copy of the blue print for ease of movement within the venue.



TIMUN offers you an International Buffet at Hilton Colombo Residences. During your last day of conference. All attendees of TIMUN will be entitled for lunch at the FLOW Resturant which will offer more than 150 varieties of dishes from around the world. Stay tuned for the full menu which will appear here weeks before the conference day.


TIMUN Offers special meals if your Gluten Intolerant, or if your a vegan.

Plus, any sort of special needs with regards to meals will be taken into account. As we wish to ensure that every attendee at TIMUN are satisfied.


hotel policies

Participants will be held responsible for vandalism or any other damage that occurs in their rooms. Rowdiness in the hallways, lobby area, restaurant, washroom, excessive noise, roughhousing, throwing objects, accessing prohibited areas of hotel premises, and/or other unruly behavior will not be tolerated.

False fire alarms will be dealt with severely.

The conference and venue reserve the right to eject Delegates for these or other disruptions to the safety and well-being of other hotel guests.


The Hilton Colombo Residences is well equipped with the state of the art modern facilities to ensure an international level conference to take place. We at TIMUN guarantee a smooth flow of conference with the below available facilities.

  • Wifi
  • Resturant
  • Coffee
  • Medical
  • Parking
  • Stationaries
  • Charge Station
  • Lavatory for Special Needs
  • Pool

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